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Packing & Moving Services

We offer all kinds of packing and moving services such as vehicle transportation services, goods transportation services, furniture, household items and many other services. Packing Material We also strive to offer personalized services to our clients so as to make the job simple. Packing can be one of the biggest challenges of your move. Consider using packing services. Whether you select packing services for your entire household or just for a few special items, we can help you. Bekins packing services offer you convenience and peace of mind.

Our packers are trained in packing methods to alleviate any damage during transit Often delivery day and the first few weeks following your removal can be a little disorganized and overwhelming. So get organized from day one, with the efficient assistance of the premium unpacking services of North East Packers & Movers.

The staffs are friendly and mature with plenty of home-making experience. They work in a variety of homes every day, using their organizing skills to delight and relax you. They can promptly unpack the contents of your cartons, set up your kitchen, organise your bedrooms and make your new home fully functional from the moment you arrive.

Our packing and moving services include the following:

  • Shipping service
  • Household Shifting service
  • Residential service
  • Insurance service
  • Warehousing Storage service
  • Transit Escort Packers service
  • Car Carriers Movers service
  • Loading and Unloading service
  • Transport service

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